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Elite Bootcamp is home of HIIT (High intensity interval training) and specialized group fitness workouts in the Northern Suburb, Cape Town.

Our sessions are aimed at people who want the most out of life. Whether you are a fitness fanatic or new to training our professional staff are driven to present you with a workout that promises to fulfill all your health and fitness needs.

Elite Bootcamp workouts are done in a dynamic group setting which makes them fun, motivating, challenging and affordable.

If you’re interested in any of the above-mentioned drop a message and she’ll sort you out with a free session.


Gary Lovell


“No matter what your current fitness level, you will improve at Elite Bootcamp. Every session is different and challenging, not to out-do anyone else but yourself. Since joining Elite Bootcamp, I have begun to realize that the fitness levels I had in high-school aren’t a thing of the past, they are still achievable with the right trainers and motivation. In my first 2 months, I have gone from an XXL shirt to a Large. The muscle definition, stamina, strength and fitness I have developed far surpasses what I was ever able to achieve in a Gym. I have lost over 7kg’s and my waist circumference is 10cm smaller. I haven’t felt this energized, motivated and capable of anything in a very very long time. I am able to Mountain Bike harder, longer and faster than ever. Elite Bootcamp changes your body, mind and soul. Elite Bootcamp has a fabulous social side with the best trainers and group of people you could train with.”

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